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Photosynthesis has its roots in 1994 when two island photographers, Osman Phillips and Mike Gluss open a group show entitled “A gathering of Images” at what was to become the Imagen Office.

Fast forward to 2001, June Boe brings together a group of photographers for a show at Artspring. She gets both the Community Arts Council and the Alliance of Saltspring Artists (ASA) to co-sponsor it. It is called “18 Photographers” and it fills the Artspring gallery and lobby. The following year, Michael Levy does an encore with 20 photographers, and calls it “Photo Secession” in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Alfred Stieglitz show of the same name.

The participating photographers reconvene for two more Photo Secession shows in 2002 and 2003 and then in 2004, in a show jointly coordinated by Kim Kornbacher and David Borrowman. Photo Secession becomes an independent group within ASA. In 2005, Kornbacher and Borrowman schedule another show and put out a call for a new name. “Photosynthesis” is born. In subsequent years, coordination duties pass on to Borrowman, then to Phillips, and since 2010, to Alane Lalonde.

The Photosynthesis group has fluctuated over the years but is comprised of approximately 20 photographers, chosen for the quality of their work and invited to join as permanent members as space allowed. Photosynthesis has spawned spinoff shows with some of the members such as “Through a Glass Darkly” in 2008 organized by Seth Berkowitz, and the various PhotoLumiere shows.

SaltSpring Photography Club:

The SaltSpring Photography Club was founded in the summer of 2009 by four individuals (Simon Henson, Bob Rogers, Bob Allen and Tom James) who thought there should be a club on island to exchange ideas, technical knowledge and enthusiasm about photography. Barely two years later, the club had 75 members.

Over the years, the SaltSpring Photography Club has become a vibrant, creative organization of individuals united by a common love of photography and an enthusiastic willingness to support and encourage each other.

The club is fully integrated into the SaltSpring community: it displayed or continues to display its photography at Country Grocer's Roaster's Cafe, Lady Minto Hospital waiting areas and extended care facility, the Fritz Cinema, the Salt Spring Roasting Co., TJ Beans, and Harbour House restaurant.  It participates in various community events and members have participated in the GISS photographic arts program over the years.

Its first exhibit was in January of 2010 in the lobby of Artspring. This was followed that Spring by the first edition of the club’s annual show entitled ‘Eclectic Visions’ a title chosen to recognize the varied approaches, techniques and visions of club members.

Yearly membership is typically around 100 members with approximately 30 members active in exhibiting their photography, either at the Club’s annual exhibit or in other venues such as Mahon Hall and other galleries. Members fill positions on the club executive as appropriate.

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